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  • What does "Hand-Guided Machine Quilting" mean?

    A long arm quilting machine is basically a huge sewing machine on wheels. †Quilting is created by moving the sewing head over your quilt.

  • What is the largest quilt size width that Darís Long Arm Quilting can handle?

    120 inches

  • How is my quilt attached to the machine?

    The quilt backing is basted at the top and bottom onto zippered leaders and then zipped onto the machine.†Side clamps are applied to the right and left side of the backing fabric and pulled gently to keep the working surface taught side-to-side.?Next the batting is basted along the top edge to the backing. And last but not least - the quilt top is placed on top of the backing and batting and basted along the top edge. The quilt top "floats" in that it is not attached to anything until it is quilted as the rollers are advanced to the next section.

    Floating helps to reduce the amount of stress placed upon your quilt top. It also allows easy continual access to the bottom layers (backing & batting) which in turn helps the quilter maintain a smooth working surface throughout the quilting process.

  • What are standard quilt sizes?
    MINIATURE: Usually less than 36" square
    WALLHANGING: Any size can qualify for a wallhanging
    BABY: Between 36" x 36" and 52" x 52"
    CRIB: Between 30"x 46" and 36" x 50"
    LAP: Between 52" - 68" wide and 52" - 78" long
    TWIN: Between 64" - 72" wide and 86" - 96" long
    FULL: Between 70" - 88" wide and 88" - 100" long
    QUEEN: Between 88" - 99" wide and 94" - 108" long
    KING: Between 94" -108" wide and 94" - 108" long